5 Times Behind The Scenes Drama Leaked Onto Screens

5 Times Behind The Scenes Drama Leaked Onto Screens
Image credit: ABC

If you noticed the tension, you were right.

It’s not always possible to end up in the best working atmosphere. In fact, it’s almost impossible to match with all the people that you meet in the industry, especially when your job forces you to work with different cast members every so often. However, it is a basic principle to stay respectful to those around you.

When this principle breaks, for one reason or the other, there is a tension so strong that even the most talented actors can’t deny the effect.

Here are 5 times when the alleged behind-the-scenes drama was too much to handle on set, so it found its way onto screens.

Chevy Chase vs. The Entire Community С ast

Once you read all the rumors, confirmed and denied by both parties, about what was going on behind the scenes of Community, many moments from the show become way more obvious. Everyone is firing shots at Chase, and he’s not even on the same set for half of the scenes. Seasons 3 and 4 must be the most evident of such tension.

Archie Panjabi’s Emmy Didn’t Sit Right With Good Wife’s Juliana Margulies

Many viewers believe that this is the case of the pure professional envy that Juliana Margulies held against her co-star, as in 2010 Archie Panjabi won an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for Good Wife. However, the consequences of two regulars having conversations only over the phone for two years straight seem to be a little too radical.

Tom Baker And Lalla Ward’s On-Set Romance on Doctor Who

The Doctor Who set not only gave us the beautiful relationship and happy marriage of David and Georgia Tennant but also the short-lived and somewhat chaotic love story of Tom Baker and Lalla Ward from 1979 to 1982. With Baker portraying the Fourth Doctor and Ward his companion Romana II, you can imagine the tension between them.

Naya Rivera Didn’t Hold Lea Michele ’s Hand in Glee

There were a lot of discussions of Lea Michele’s diva-like behavior on the Glee filming set, however, according to reports, it was Naya Rivera’s gesture that started the rivalry. Later on, it was picked up by the producers and put on screen in the form of Rachel Berry and Santana Lopez’s endless competition.

Nathan Fillion Drove Stana Katic Insane on Castle Set

There are many rumors about what happened between the two co-stars, besides of course dating and then breaking up. While some say that Fillion's prankster behavior on set was inappropriate, others believe that it was his negotiation of only a 4-day/week schedule that put a strain on the co-stars' relationship. Either way, it was clear that the writers needed to keep Castle and Kate apart.