5 TV Finales Of 2023 So Shocking, Fans Still Can’t Forget Them

5 TV Finales Of 2023 So Shocking, Fans Still Can’t Forget Them
Image credit: The CW, Netflix

Some of them will haunt fans forever.

Everything comes to an end, but no two finales are alike. While some TV shows end quite unexpectedly, even abruptly, leaving their viewers completely dissatisfied, others drag on so long that viewers will beg the creators to end this torment.

Sad and happy, shocking and predictable, long-awaited and painful to watch, here are 5 TV endings of 2023 that did not leave anyone indifferent.

The Flash ( 2014-2023)

The finale of The Flash was one of the most heartbreaking for fans of The CW's superhero shows, as it brought an entire universe that was once thriving to a close. Though bittersweet, fans found the finale to be completely hopeful and were very grateful for Grant Gustin 's superior portrayal of Barry Allen.

Succession ( 2018-2023)

To say that the audience was shocked, learning that the fourth season of Succession will be the last to air, would be an understatement. So far the series’ only continued to get better in quality, so the decision to leave at its pique wasn’t the most popular among the audience. Yet, the gut-wrenching finale was worth the journey through years the viewers took.

Ted Lasso ( 2020-2023)

Though Ted Lasso was the positive and optimistic show that kept us all sane throughout the pandemic, the third season felt somewhat predictable and disappointing to the majority of fans. The same could be said for the underwhelming finale to the series as a whole, which left the fandom divided in two.

Riverdale ( 2017-2023)

Another show that marked the final days of The CW as we know it was Riverdale, which ended with a twist that left fans speechless for days. The decision to have all of Archie, Jughead, Veronica and Betty in a four-way relationship was both genius and the fastest way to send viewers into destruction mode.

Sex Education ( 2019-2023)

The show that started as great as Sex Education shouldn't have been this hard to finish, but it was. This season felt like it was made by completely bored people, from the writers who had no idea how to finish the story to the cast who were already pursuing their ambitions in other projects. It was messy and a little disappointing to see the show go this way.