5 TV Shows With Endings So Bad You Might Want To Never Watch It

5 TV Shows With Endings So Bad You Might Want To Never Watch It
Image credit: BBC One

Don’t think about the finish line, just enjoy the ride!

Some TV shows are so great you cannot stop recommending them to everyone around you. They might have some episodes that feel off, or just aren’t up to the quality of the rest of it, but, generally speaking, you enjoy them from the beginning to the very end.

With other series, however, there is a different story. However great the beginnings of those are, and however talented are the cast and crew working on the production, the final episodes are so disappointing, they can ruin the impression of a whole project.

Here are the top five generally great TV shows that could definitely do with an ending reshoot.

Killing Eve

For the show that got so much praise during its run, it got significantly worse at the last season, and finished off on a very underwhelming note. The tension that the series kept alive throughout the years completely died down for the finale, so the viewers weren’t even shocked at the turn of events.

Game of Thrones

It’s hard to not mention Game of Thrones in a list like that, but at least the showrunners had somewhat of an excuse to why things went down like they did. As George R. R. Martin still hasn’t finished the last book of the series, they just didn’t have any material to base the finale on, so no wonder it didn’t live up to the quality.


There are several things that Sherlock fans have against Steven Moffat, but the complete butchering of Sherlock’s finale must be the worst of all. The series with every season so highly anticipated by the audience managed to disappoint everybody at the end. However, many fans believe that the problems started way earlier, in the finale of season 2.

How I Met Your Mother

There’s nothing more sad than a sitcom making its fans cry for any other reason than joy. Unfortunately, How I Met Your Mother fans were not ready to let the series go not only because they enjoyed the ride so much, but also because how strongly they hated the ending that ruined every bit of the characters' development.


By the final season, every viewer could just tell how much showrunners struggled with turning the bulky story into the show. The Merlin ending was sudden, felt rushed into and very awkward to watch. Even the chemistry between the leading actors that managed to hold the show together to that point didn’t save the flop ending.