5 What-Were-The-Writers-Thinking Doctor Who Couples, Ranked

5 What-Were-The-Writers-Thinking Doctor Who Couples, Ranked
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Throughout its run, Doctor Who has had the greatest love stories and the worst pairings imaginable. Well, not everyone can be the Ponds!

You might opt for the Doctor and River or the Doctor and Rose – both are great, but which couples didn't deserve any screen time?

We are here to give you our negative top five!

#5 The Doctor & Madame de Pompadour

This love story unfolds over the course of just one episode, The Girl in the Fireplace. The Doctor tries to save little Reinette from scary clockwork droids, but there is a catch.

While it only takes him minutes to pop into her timeline, Madame de Pompadour has to wait years for her savior. This would have been a great romance if it weren't for one thing.

The episode aired during season 2 when the Doctor and Rose's relationship is at its peak, and it just feels forced and unnecessary for the Doctor to have any kind of spark with an 18th-century lady.

Or maybe this is just our inner Doctor/Rose shipper talking. Still, the ending is pretty tear-jerking, we'll give you that.

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#4 Mickey Smith & Rose Tyler

These two were the worst from the beginning, and their days were numbered.

We can't help but feel sorry for Mickey who loves Rose with all his heart, only to see her run off with a stranger the day he gets eaten by a ridiculous plastic alien.

At the beginning of the first revival episode, Rose, Rose is bored with her life and longs for adventure. She cares for Mickey, but he is part of something she wants to escape from.

Fortunately, later in the series, they both grow out of their relationship (or whatever is left of it) and move on, becoming friends who have been through a lot together.

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#3 The Doctor & Astrid Peth

Another romance blossoms in one of the Christmas specials, Voyage of the Damned.

The Doctor finds himself on Titanic 2.0, which is about to follow its predecessor's fate, and meets an intergalactic perky blonde waitress named Astrid.

It is obvious from the start that Astrid is conceived as a replacement for Rose (whom the Doctor lost a season earlier).

If it weren't for Kylie Minogue bringing life to the character, the episode would be ruined. The Doctor and Astrid are comical together, but the spark is definitely missing. The ending is tragic, but we kind of saw it coming.

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#2 Lance Bennett & Donna Noble

If your fiancé hasn't tried to kill you on your wedding day, you officially have it better than poor Donna.

In The Runaway Bride, the Doctor meets Donna when she just teleports right into his TARDIS, all thanks to the huon particles inside her.

How did they get there? Her lovely fiancé Lance has been feeding Donna these particles because a giant spider Empress told him to.

Thankfully, Donna is eventually saved, and karma gets Lance – the Empress uses his body instead and then throws him into the pit. Just what he deserved!

#1 The Doctor & Amy Pond

This is the worst couple (or hint at a couple) in the entire Whoniverse, and we have the receipts to back it up!

The Doctor meets Amy when she is just a kid, and she understandably becomes obsessed with him for years to come (she even chooses the Doctor over her fiancé Rory in season 5).

Eventually, Amy and Rory find their way back to each other, but the scene where Amy kisses the Doctor is borderline creepy.

Come on, he met her when she was seven years old… Anyway, luckily, things didn't go beyond that kiss, but it earned this couple the top spot in this anti-rating. Yuck!

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Do you agree with our ranking? Please tell us you are not a Doctor/Amy shipper…