5 Wildly Inaccurate Historical Films That Made Reddit Cringe

5 Wildly Inaccurate Historical Films That Made Reddit Cringe
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Sometimes it’s risky to change plots already created by history as the best writer.

Movies based on historical events and real life stories are quite popular among cinema lovers, even though they often change the history on screen. This can obviously evoke fierce discussions, concerning the reasonability of such screenwriters’ decisions.

Here are 5 movies, where some past events are altered or even boldly omitted.

Braveheart (1995)

Presumably, Mel Gibson’s once-in-a-lifetime project is considered the most historically inaccurate movie ever made, as it presents battles in a way they didn’t happen in the past. The most ridiculous fact in this connection is that the Braveheart's scene of the Battle of Stamford Bridge has no bridge featured, as fairly admitted by Redditor @floin.

Apocalypto (2006)

Also directed by Mel Gibson, this epic action movie about the decline of the Mayan civilization received a decent number of scholars’ claims, who agreed that its portrayal of the Maya people as far more barbaric than in reality is unfair, besides, it’s historically inaccurate that the film exaggerates the importance of human sacrifice done by them.

Pearl Harbor (2001)

This Michael Bay’s historical movie faced massive criticism, concerning the fact that it distorted the image of the American army’s response to Japan's 1941 attack on their naval base, the memories of which are extremely important to the people of the USA, despite other definite liberties the film took with the facts of the war history.

Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)

Biopics are notorious for altering biographies to adapt them for the big screen. The movie about Freddie Mercury does the same thing, especially by its end, for instance, it alters the timing of Queen’s reunion years later after their separation and the singer’s confession of his diagnosis, as stated in the profound commentary by Redditor @misskarne.

Gladiator (2000)

Ridley Scott ’s epic drama serves as a solid example of how changes of history doesn’t interfere with the movie’s wholesomeness at all, even though some changes, made by its screenwriters, are quite contradictory to what we know about the history of Rome, with the line "Rome is to be a Republic again", mentioned by @lhagler, leaving fans with a facepalm.

Source: Reddit