5 Worst Changes the Harry Potter Movies Shouldn't Have Made

5 Worst Changes the Harry Potter Movies Shouldn't Have Made
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Despite the success of the films, there are certain scenes, additions, and removals from the books which are often criticized by the fandom. Do you agree or disagree? Read on and find out where you stand. According to the fandom, here are the 5 worst changes the Harry Potter movies made.

5 – Voldemort's Death in The Deathly Hallows Part 2

Let's start with the last big moment of the film series. The climax between Harry and his arch-nemesis Voldemort was hyped up to be the battle of the ages. The battle determines not only the fate of the wizarding world but also the muggle world. However, the movie ends with Voldemort turning to dust inexplicably. In the books, the ending is more poignant as it shows Voldemort as just a man. The movie scene lacks the same gravity, unfortunately.

4 – Barty Crouch Jr in The Goblet Of Fire

The Goblet of Fire book is nothing short of a mystery thriller. Barty Crouch Jr plays a key role as the imposter Mad-Eye Moody. His story was one of the best parts of the book for many a Potterhead.

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However, poor Barty did not get his due in the movie. Despite being played by the amazing David Tennant, the character did not get a chance to thrive in the limelight. He is only briefly shown in the movie in his true form, leaving fans disappointed.

3 – The Elder Wand in The Deathly Hallows Part 2

The Elder Wand is one of the most powerful items in the entire franchise. In the books, Harry uses the Wand's power to mend his own and puts it back in Dumbledore's grave, knowing it is too dangerous. It's a poetic statement, as we see our hero rejecting the allure of absolute power.

Then the movie came out, and we saw Harry breaking the Wand in half with his bare hands and throwing it into a canyon. It was terribly anticlimactic and annoying to the fans of the symbolism shown in the books.

2 – "…Dumbeldore Said Calmly" in The Goblet Of Fire

Here's one which has been memed to death. In The Goblet of Fire, Dumbeldore confronts Harry after his name is found in the titular goblet of fire. In the books, it is stated that he does so calmly.

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In the movies, Dumbeldore is evidently flustered and is close to stammering his words. However, there is nothing calm about him. Although the portrayal of Dumbeldore by Michael Gambon is legendary, the screenplay could have been more loyal to the books.

1 – Snape's Character

This might be a controversial take. Snape's character in the books is much more devious and callous than what he was portrayed as in the movies. Part of the reason might be the late Alan Rickman's charm, but the point still stands.

Towards the end, this can be quite jarring for fans of the books. Fans of the books don't necessarily revere the character of Snape as a tragic hero that the fans of the movies do.