Biggest Casting Fail Harry Potter Fans Still Can't Get Over

Biggest Casting Fail Harry Potter Fans Still Can't Get Over
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The casting for the Harry Potter movies is generally considered to be pretty good – but some fans just can't get over one particular fail.

Described in the books as "an overgrown bird of prey", Bulgarian quidditch star Viktor Krum was, in the eyes of most fans, expected to be tall and thin. But the actor cast in the role, Stanislav Yanevski is anything but. In fact, one fan has described him as the "stocky guy with the weird shaped head", adding that he "couldn't act" and made Krum "a silent role".

It's not a particularly flattering description of Yanevski or his acting ability – but you get the point that, physically, he didn't fit the character as described in the books.

Some hold the belief that Tolga Safer looked much more like how they had envisaged Krum. And it's said that he auditioned for the part before eventually being cast as Karkaroff's aide. He certainly seems to fit the bill far more than Yanevski.

One fan even said they expected an "Adrien Brody type" to play the part. And Safer probably could pass as a younger Brody type.

There is some speculation, though, that this role was deliberately not given to an actor who might have ended up as something of a heartthrob. The theory goes that choosing a stocky actor with what one fan described as "distinct ears" made sure Krum was not going to provide competition for Cedric Diggory (Robert Pattinson ) in that department.

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But it wasn't just the casting of the character that irked fans. One described Viktor Krum in the films as "a lot less personality-rich," saying he was "grumpy and depressed looking."

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One of the problems, of course, was that with so much going on in the book series, there simply wasn't enough screen time to include every character in all their glory. And once you decide that a character's role in the film is far inferior to theirs in the book, the casting becomes less of a focus.

So, maybe they simply didn't want anyone that would bring too much character to the role. Or perhaps it was the way Viktor Krum was written in the film that resulted in the slightly dour almost silent role that we ended up watching.

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Regardless of the reasoning, it certainly appears that some fans are not giving up on their criticism of this particular piece of casting.