5 Worst Crimes Against Humanity Sue Sylvester Had Committed On Glee

5 Worst Crimes Against Humanity Sue Sylvester Had Committed On Glee
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This is the woman you’d want on your side.

Glee was never meant to be taken too seriously, and the majority of fans now realize that and allow themselves to laugh at many of the insane things that this show shows. However, there are a few characters that are so awful that no one can resist the urge to hate them... or love them, depending on your moral compass.

Sue Sylvester is definitely one of those characters. Powerful, opinionated, and very determined about her goals, she was the terror that haunted all of McKinley High in general, and the New Directions Glee Club in particular.

If her main antagonist, Will Schuester, was mostly creepy, Sue Sylvester did some things that should've landed her in jail. Here are 5 of the worst moments that will live forever in every Gleek's memory.

Kidnapping Kurt and Blaine

...and forcing them into intimacy by drugging them with aphrodisiacs. Surely this is not one, but three different crimes at once? If this episode was a metaphor for how the dedicated shippers behave when it comes to their favorite pairing, then Klaine's shippers must have been the most frighteningly powerful bunch to ever exist.

Encouraging Eating Disorders

Unfortunately, this is not uncommon among professional sports coaches other than the fictional antagonist. Sue Sylvester was known to throw a lot of insults at her Cheerios and put a lot of pressure on them to look perfect. Considering all the insecurities that teenage girls usually have, she was probably the cause of a lot of problems.

Physically Abusing Kids (+ Adults!)

There was nothing Sue Sylvester wouldn't do to get her way. And if there was no other way than a physical altercation, she wasn't afraid to put her fists to the test. What's worse is that she suffered from a lot of rage, which resulted in her hurting the children around her by throwing them around on a daily basis.

Asking For a Sperm Donor In School

We don't know which is creepier, Mr. Schue sneaking into the boy's shower and listening to him sing, or Sue Sylvester looking for a sperm donor for her baby among the minors. Both are equally disturbing if you think about them too long, and in fact, both of these people should have been banned from schools across the country.

Almost Killing Brittany

Everybody knew that Brittany wasn't the brightest, and Sue Sylvester really tried her luck by trying to put the girl in a cannon and shoot her out there. Of course, that would be a very memorable performance, but also a deadly one. At this point, it's hard to imagine that Sue's hands weren't already covered in someone's blood, so Brittany was lucky to escape the situation.