57-Year-Old Low-Rated Harrison Ford Western Actually Launched His Career

57-Year-Old Low-Rated Harrison Ford Western Actually Launched His Career
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It’s a miracle though that he stayed faithful to westerns after that.

It’s not exactly news that to get to the top you have to start at the bottom. And it’s not only a variant of a phrase used by Drake to create a hit, but is actually how real life works.

Of course, it can be used towards people of literally any profession: it doesn’t matter if you are a doctor or an actor, before becoming a well-known and highly acclaimed somebody, you have to go through several stages of being nobody as well.

It’s not a coincidence that we started talking about actors, as such a huge name as Harrison Ford, for example, also had to start somewhere. The thing is, the first movie where he got a credited role was an unpopular western of 1967 called A Time for Killing.

Harrison Ford’s First Movie Ever

The 88-minute western was created by Phil Karlson and Roger Corman and frankly received rather poor reviews and didn’t change a lot in the western genre. But it was a start for Harrison Ford, despite the fact that he only appeared in a single scene.

He played the part of Lt. Shaffer who only appeared at the beginning of the film and is ordered to oversee the execution of a Confederate soldier who none of the men particularly want to gun down.

Frankly, the role was so small that it’s even a little surprising that he got credited. But he did it so well and looked so promising in the role that the creators decided to reward him. Little did they (or Ford himself) know at the time that he is going to be the staple of the western genre.

Is A Time For Killing Worth Watching?

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A Time For Killing has a 41% Rotten Tomatoes score, which actually now seems not that bad, if you compare it to some better known movies with lesser scores.

So if you feel nostalgic and want to see the very beginning of this legendary actor’s career, feel free to stream A Time For Killing on Prime.