6 Mind-Blowing Details in Prestige You'll Only Notice on Rewatch

6 Mind-Blowing Details in Prestige You'll Only Notice on Rewatch
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Some movies demand to be watched over and over again. The Prestige falls into this category.

The Prestige is arguably Christopher Nolan 's finest work. It's intriguing, compelling, plays with your mind (and most importantly) is infinitely rewatchable.

Each new viewing seems to uncover more layers to the movie, making it just a little bit weirder, but even better.

No wonder it has a 92% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Here are 6 mind-blowing details you won't notice until you watch Prestige again.

1. Borden's words

At the beginning of the movie, Borden (Christian Bale ) says, "We were two young men at the start of a great career, two young men devoted to an illusion, two young men who never intended to hurt anyone.

As the story unfolds, it seems obvious that these words refer to Borden and Angier (Hugh Jackman ). So obvious, in fact, that it doesn't cross your mind to question it. On rewatch, when you understand more about how twisted the movie is going to be, it becomes clear that he was referring to his brother.

2. The top hats

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There is a clue to the discarded duplicates in the opening shot. The sheer number of top hats that have clearly been discarded is a testament to what is about to unfold. It's too early for the viewer to realise what it means on the first viewing. But it's staring you in the face when you watch the film again.

The same goes for the explanation of how magic tricks work that is played over the opening. He reveals the whole premise of the movie in his words and actions. We just don't see it.

3. Sarah's husband survives

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The Alfred who was hanged for Angier's murder was not the same Alfred who was in love with Sarah. If you watch closely, there are subtle differences in mannerisms between the Alfreds that you won't really notice until you've watched the whole thing at least once.

On the first viewing, each of these differences could be attributed to character development. Subsequent viewings negate that. But perhaps the biggest clue comes when the imprisoned Alfred says, 'I'm sorry about Sarah,' as he's being led away by the guards. This proves that the imprisoned Alfred is not the same Alfred who is married to Sarah.

4. The blind stagehand was cloned

This is easy to miss at first, because so much else is going on, and the stagehand seems to be more than just a functional character. But once you start to understand the movie a bit more, it makes perfect sense.

Of course the blind man would be cloned. Having two loyal people for such an elaborate scheme is better than one, and being blind and all, the stagehand is unlikely to notice that he has been cloned. Even if he did, who would he tell?

5. Borden reveals the truth

At the funeral of Angier's wife, the widower asks Borden what knot he tied. Borden replies, 'I don't know'. Even on first viewing, this sounds a bit odd. But it's not entirely inconceivable that he doesn't know what knot he tied. In retrospect, the reason he didn't know was that it was actually his brother who tied the knot.

6. The truth is out from the beginning

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When Angier's wife dies, the magician shouts out 'Julia!' Nothing too strange about that. But listen again and you'll realise that he's shouting in an upper-class English accent. When you first see the movie, you're so caught up in the actual death that you don't pick up on that tiny detail.

But right there, at the beginning of the movie, is the revelation that Angier is Lord Caldlow.