6 TV Shows You Won't Believe Turned 20 In 2022: Feeling Old Yet?

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It's hard to believe that those TV shows that we watched, it would seem, just a short time ago, have already turned twenty years old.

1. Kim Possible

First episode: June 7, 2002

Last episode: September 7, 2007

Number of Seasons: 4

Number of Episodes: 87

Say what you will about Disney, at least it got us some unforgettable experiences – long before acquiring Marvel and conquering the whole world with multi-billion 'Avengers' franchise. One of the most memorable Disney's early projects is 'Kim Possible', animated series that introduced us all to Kim, a super-relatable teenage girl who navigates all the stress and pressure of teenager life while simultaneously fighting against bad guys with the help of her best friend and his pet sidekick. 'Kim Possible' spawned numerous films, video games and merchandise, with the stars of the series reunited in June 2022 on Romano and Friedle's podcast to perform a brand new 'Kim Possible' scene.

2. 8 Simple Rules

First episode: September 17, 2002

Last episode: April 15, 2005

Number of Seasons: 3

Number of Episodes: 76

It's hard to believe it's been 20 years since one of the most heartwarming and uplifting series debuted on TV, with John Ritter's adventures in parenting melting our heart and making us collectively swoon. A story of a father trying to raise his three teenagers while his wife's at work was (and still is) considered one of the best 'slice of life' TV series centered around family values and life's problems. This show is about our lives, our families, our problems, our loved ones – it's not surprising that, give or take, it's still highly relatable and engaging.

3. What I Like About You

First episode: September 20, 2002

Last episode: March 24, 2006

Number of Seasons: 4

Number of Episodes: 86

The cast alone is the epitome of the early 00's: where else could you watch a teenage movie star (Amanda Bynes) working together with the star of the cult teen series 'Beverly Hills, 90210' (Jennie Garth)? Starring as sisters who have to learn how to coexist despite age difference when their father moves to Japan, Bynes and Garth made 'What I Like About You' almost overwhelmingly heartwarming and yet genuinely funny.

4. CSI: Miami

First episode: September 23, 2002

Last episode: April 8, 2012

Number of Seasons: 10

Number of Episodes: 232

This one is actually not that hard to believe: sometimes it really feels like CSI have been on our home screens forever. Having lasted for impressive ten years, 'CSI: Miami' was the very first spin-off of the CSI franchise and was followed by various other spin-offs including CSI: NY and CSI: Cyber. To this day CSI franchise is, without a doubt, the most successful procedural TV franchise there is.

5. American Idol

First episode: June 11, 2002

Last episode: still airing

Number of Seasons: 19

Number of Episodes: 640

Time flies, doesn't it? It's been 20 years since 'American Idol' first premiered on Fox, and for years it has been churning out great singers. 'American Idol' is said to have the greatest success rate of any modern talent show. Perhaps the secret lies in its ability to draw together contestants such as Adam Lambert, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson and Carrie Underwood – a powerhouse of vocal talent. The show celebrated its 20th season in February of 2022, having been picked up again by ABC in May for a twenty-first season.

6. The Wire

First episode: June 2, 2002

Last episode: March 9, 2008

Number of Seasons: 5

Number of Episodes: 60

The show's writers, David Simon and Ed Burns, had worked in Baltimore's police department, so the writing was grounded in reality; they wrote about real events in a way that was instantly recognizable as authentic. Even now, 20 years later, 'The Wire' is still often named one of the best TV shows ever made, being still relevant, somewhat sadly, because of the climate of what's going on in the United States.

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