7 Botched Endings That Ultimately Ruined Great Movies

7 Botched Endings That Ultimately Ruined Great Movies
Image credit: Warner Bros.

There are movies that were so exciting for you, the plot was spiraling towards the conclusion in the most satisfying way — yet the ending was completely anticlimactic.

It was either too drawn out, left too many loose ends, or just defied logic. These 7 movies ended like that, and we hated it.

If you ever watched anime that was adapted from a manga series that hasn't finished yet, you may have experienced alternative endings: the ones that were created specifically for a show and, in retrospect, diverted from what the original manga creator wanted because they had to wrap the story that was building up for so long so abruptly.

Some of these movies feel like this type of anime adaptation, despite not having any source material and following fully original scripts: like the endings in them had to be rushed, or had to be given to a different person, and that created logical inconsistencies that defied everything that has been hinted at before. It's like the climax has never been properly reached.

The finale clashes with the general mood of the movie, the logic that it followed, and no matter how good the beginning was, the ending ruined everything.