7 Great Sci-Fi Movies to Stream for Free in April Before They Vanish

7 Great Sci-Fi Movies to Stream for Free in April Before They Vanish
Image credit: Warner Bros., Trimark Pictures

As subscriptions to streaming platforms continue to expand with each passing year, fans have begun to forget the days when content was essentially free, as cheap movie theater seats allowed almost anyone to see a movie without feeling guilty about overspending.

But even in this money-obsessed climate, where producers try to squeeze as much money out of viewers as possible, there are ways to watch movies for absolutely free. Services like Tubi, Pluto, and Amazon Freevee allow fans to watch movies without paying a dime.

Here are 7 great sci-fi movies to stream for free in April:

We are sure that before checking out the movies we have included in this list, you probably thought that only junk can be watched for free on the Internet, as any movie worth its salt is tightly locked behind paid subscriptions and free trials, right?

Well, that's not the case at all, as some of the most iconic sci-fi movies can be watched by anyone for absolutely free, which is something that more streaming platforms should consider, as it will probably fix the bad reputations of the likes of Netflix and Prime Video.

Movie classics should be free to watch, as it's the only way to educate viewers about the history of the film industry, something that's very important in 2024.