7 Weirdest Things from Sci-Fi Movies That Actually Happened IRL

7 Weirdest Things from Sci-Fi Movies That Actually Happened IRL
Image credit: Universal Pictures, Paramount Pictures

Setting a movie in the future always feels like a huge gamble - directors of space operas and sci-fi flicks know that future generations will scrutinize their work, paying particular attention to the technologies invented for the film.

And sometimes writers and production crews hit the jackpot and invent a technology that later becomes a real thing.

As you probably noticed, the above-mentioned movies managed to really predict the way we will all live in 2024. Of course, no one has those fancy sci-fi flying cars yet, but little things like Bluetooth headphones, touchscreen phones, and Facetime were all predicted pretty perfectly.

However, futuristic movies have never been about utopian glimpses of the future, and Super Mario Bros. sadly proves this notion by predicting 9/11 almost a decade before it actually happened.

It can be argued that the writers of the aforementioned movies simply got lucky with their predictions, but all of them somehow turned out to be pretty accurate, forcing fans to joke about time travel and such.

Anyway, these movies contain a lot more technology that humans can't use yet, and it looks like we'll have to wait at least another 100 years to see all the predictions come true.