8 Game-Changing Horror Movies That Turned the Genre Upside Down

8 Game-Changing Horror Movies That Turned the Genre Upside Down
Image credit: Paramount, Legion-Media

There's hardly any other genre in film history that reinvents itself as quickly and often as horror. Come to think of it, in the last two decades alone, the genre has gone through several incarnations, touching on some previously unexplored themes and mixing with other genres.

And the current landscape of horror cinema wouldn't be the same without the following 8 films that changed it forever (for better or worse).

Upscale horror, scary comedies, new wave slashers, postmodern horror, blockbuster horror movies - the list of things that directors have invented in the last few decades could go on forever, as every new year brings something new for horror fans to enjoy.

Of course, not all of the aforementioned films have had a positive impact on the genre. Take "Paranormal Activity" for example - while the initial impact of the film was totally positive, sparking a new found-footage horror renaissance, the amount of cheap knock-offs trying to capitalize on its success became so massive that people stopped watching horror for a long time.

As of now, the elevated horror genre is the dominant one in the horror industry, and it's not going away anytime soon. Each new movie created in the vein of "Hereditary" feels unique and accomplished, moving the entire horror genre forward. Thank you, Ari Aster!