911 Is Paving Its Way to Completely Take Over Station 19

911 Is Paving Its Way to Completely Take Over Station 19
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Is it time for crossovers already?


  • Following its move from Fox to ABC, the procedural 911 has received more attention and advertising budget than it has in years.
  • The show's rebirth is widely celebrated in the fandom, but looked down upon by fans of Station 19.
  • ABC's own firefighting procedural will end after the upcoming season, and many associate that decision with the network picking up 911.

Fox's 911 has always managed to stand out in the world of various procedurals. The premise of the show was simple from the beginning, as it focused on the professional and personal lives of Los Angeles first responders. However, it was the emphasis on the "personal" that made it shine so brightly over the years.

The news of the show's sudden cancellation has shaken the fandom to its core. Fox's explanation for canceling the show had to do with production costs. However, many viewers felt that this was unfair and that the characters had so much more to offer.

Fortunately, it wasn't just the audience that saw the value in the show. It was saved from cancellation by another network, ABC, and was renewed for Season 7. Though worried about all the changes that could come with the move, fans of 911 are beyond excited to see their beloved characters back.

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However, fans of Station 19, ABC's own firefighting procedural that was abruptly canceled after its upcoming season, cannot claim the same excitement.

Will There Be a 911 and Station 19 Crossover?

Even though the two shows share the same theme and general premise, it's hard to imagine a true crossover. For starters, Station 19 focuses on the Seattle Fire Department, while 911 is set in Los Angeles. This is also the reason to exclude another ABC staple, Grey's Anatomy, from the mix.

However, 911 star Oliver Stark teases that there will be a little nod to one of ABC's existing projects in an upcoming season. Although he couldn't say much about it, the tease was enough to get people guessing.

“There's a really fun emergency, and it's not necessarily the biggest in terms of spectacle, but in the fifth episode of the season, there's one that kind of touches base with another ABC show. So I'm really excited for that just because I think it will be a good watch for the audience,” he said.

While the core audience of Fox original series is excited about the move and all the attention their favorite show will get, longtime ABC viewers are a little harder to crack.

Especially since the acquisition of 911 seems to have had an impact on the unfortunate decision to cancel Station 19. This nod could be not only a fun watch, but also a bridge that will finally reassure viewers that 911 is just as worthy of their attention and support.

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If you are interested in seeing where Season 7 will take LAFD Station 118 and everyone who supports them, be sure to tune in to ABC for the premiere episode on March 14, 2024. Stay tuned for more exciting news and behind-the-scenes updates!

Source: People