911 Stars Tease What’s Coming for Buddie: ‘We Got a Lot in Store’

911 Stars Tease What’s Coming for Buddie: ‘We Got a Lot in Store’
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Try to not get your hopes up too soon.


  • The longer 911 goes on, the more obsessed people seem to get with the on-screen relationship between Buck and Eddie.
  • Platonic or not, Oliver Stark and Ryan Guzman managed to portray the delicate dynamic not often seen on TV screens between two men.
  • Season 7 of the show promises to bring viewers more Buddie, one way or another.

Since there was a moment when fans of 911 feared for the show's survival after it was canceled by Fox due to high production costs, every other update that comes to viewers about season 7 brings a lot of joy and excitement.

Though there were some doubts as to whether ABC would be able to do the show justice, now that you see how eager the network is to put 911 in the center of attention and how much the network is willing to spend on its promotion, those doubts are all gone. 911 is about to become another ABC staple like Grey's Anatomy, and the fans are ready for it.

Besides, the network change may have been just what the show needed to get things going with a couple that was long overdue. Making Buddie canon would have instantly given ABC some popularity points with the fandom. Knowing that, the network seems to be pushing the issue even harder in all the promos.

Will Buddie Be Canon in Season 7 of 911?

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While fans of 911 are thankful and excited for anything and everything that season 7 might bring since there was a chance it might not happen at all, there are some characters whose unsettled romantic lives bother them the most. Hopefully, this time around, the question of whether or not there is hope for Buddie will be answered once and for all.

Speaking to ABC's On The Red Carpet, Oliver Stark and Ryan Guzman, who play Buck and Eddie, were very excited to tease what the dynamic between the two will bring in the upcoming episodes of season 7. The fans' overwhelming love and support for their characters didn't go unnoticed, either:

“Without the passion, we would not be here. So again, we are very grateful for that passion, and they have plenty of ideas, right? <...> I think with this season 7, we got a lot in store for the audience. You give them more of what they’ve known and a lot of what they don’t,” Guzman said.

Although both actors were very careful not to give away any spoilers, it's nice to know that there will be more of Buck and Eddie's on-screen banter. While many people want to believe in a romantic relationship between the two, just their precious friendship is enough to make any episode ten times better.

If you are hooked by all the teases and cannot wait to see how the characters' arcs will twist and turn this season, be sure to tune in to 911 every Thursday on ABC to not miss another episode of season 7.

Source: On The Red Carpet