95% Rated Harrison Ford Classic Comes to Netflix April 1

95% Rated Harrison Ford Classic Comes to Netflix April 1
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Ready to rock n roll, y’all?

There are not that many movies about which you can say “that defines the time it was created at”, but when you come across some of them, you just sense they are special at once.

That’s the case with the iconic old-time gem called American Graffiti. Released in 1973, the movie is actually a coming-of-age dramedy, directed by none other than legendary (later on) George Lucas and produced by Francis Ford Coppola.

The cast of the movie is brilliant, including Richard Dreyfuss, Ron Howard, Paul Le Mat, Harrison Ford and others. The films takes place in California in 1962 and is a deep look at the cruising and early rock 'n' roll culture popular among Lucas' peers at the time.

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The main story of a group of teenagers and their adventures over the course of a night is told in a series of little stories, intertwined with each other.

The night of graduation is exactly the one when everything is allowed and possible. It’s the right spot in any teenager’s life after which they have to turn into a respectful adult. So that’s why the characters of the movie let every shameless thought kick in and just had fun.

Ford played the part of a skilled racer Bob Falfa, who plays a pivotal role in the movie despite not being a main character.

The movie was a success. Made on a budget of nearly $5 million (in today's money), the film has grossed over $200 million in box office and home video sales since its release in 1973, not including merchandising. And it even won the Academy Award for Best Picture.

“It's a great movie and people forget that it was a huge hit in its time, spawning several popular TV shows starting with Happy Days. There have been many imitators since then but I don't think any of them truly surpass this film (although in a way MASH is a precursor). It perfectly captures the period, teenage life, and the spirit of rock and roll,” Redditor jupiterkansas said.

American Graffiti is coming to Netflix on April 1, so mark your calendars.