A Big Mistake That Almost Ruined 'Ms. Marvel', According to Reddit

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It could have gone horribly wrong, fans argue.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'Ms. Marvel' episode 6

Even those who enjoyed 'Ms. Marvel' greatly and applauded its Wednesday finale seem to highlight what they believe to be the show's "biggest mistake": the two episodes that were focused on Pakistan and Kamala's brief endeavor with the Red Daggers.

"Taking the action away from all the established characters, especially considering that they play a big role in the finale, was a bad move. There really wasn't anything in Pakistan that necessarily needed to happen in Pakistan," a Reddit user argued.

The fan went on to argue that Kamala could have basically had her time travel to the Partition period from New Jersey. Instead of bringing Kamala to Pakistan, the showrunners could have focused on other characters like Nakia, Bruno, and Zoe, who, according to many fans, were "left out" during the two episodes in Pakistan.

While many people agreed with the point, they were also quick to note that being in Pakistan was also a part of Kamala's self-discovering journey, as her superhero identity is fundamentally linked to her heritage.

Another fan argued that the two Pakistan episodes were not the best ones not due to their location, but rather because of little plot development.

"Kamala learns that she is a Djinn, learns about the Noor dimension and then defeats the bad guys," the fan said. "Then she travels to Pakistan, where she learns that she's a Djinn, learns about the Noor dimension and then defeats the bad guys. Plus she has five minute adventure in the past so the Aisha/Partition part isn't totally disconnected from the main story."

Still, the finale has brought Kamala back to New Jersey and even revived the tone of the first several episodes, although it was clear that the young superheroine has grown and become more serious than when she was escaping to her "fantasy world".

With the first season of 'Ms. Marvel' concluding this Wednesday, Kamala Khan is set to return in 'The Marvels' movie, due in theatres in July 2023.

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