A Bizarre Mr. Schue Detail That Fortunately Did Not Make it into Glee

A Bizarre Mr. Schue Detail That Fortunately Did Not Make it into Glee
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Seriously, you might not be ready for it even if you are an old-school Glee fan and think you've seen it all.

Glee has spent quite a long time in Twitter trends recently for a show that actually ended in 2015. Well, you might want to welcome it back to the most popular headlines, because some details have emerged about one of its center characters, Mr. Schue, that you maybe don't want to know.

Glee creator Ryan Murphy revealed on the "And That's What You REALLY Missed" podcast that Mr. Schue was in fact meant to be a... crystal meth addict, as the show was initially planned as an "NC-17 version of show Choir".

What? Yes. In fact, the first reaction the Glee fandom had for that was not as predictable as you might think. While many people naturally dropped their jaws, others just went "ah, yeah, well, that makes sense". Because some Mr. Schue moments indicate that he clearly might have been an addict — even though Matthew Morrison, who portrayed the role of the choir head, ended up discarding the suggestion.

Oh, and the role was actually planned for Justin Timberlake, but really, can anything surprise a Glee fan nowadays?

"Finding out the role of Mr. Schue on Glee was written for Justin Timberlake makes so much sense. Like a puzzle piece in my brain I didn't know was missing finally found." – @michaelcollado

One fan went to dub the Mr. Schue revelation "one of the least surprising things i've learned about glee". People who spent their youth singing along to those Glee covers noted that "crystal meth addicted Justin Timberlake" is the perfect description for Mr. Schue".

"Could you imagine at the end of the season, Mr Schue wakes up and realizes it was all a meth dream," one person joked.

But seriously, the darkest thing about this fandom is... we all, in fact, could imagine that.

Well, that's what you missed on Glee — a lovely pop show about a school choir that keeps haunting Twitter with menacing news for seven years after its finale.