A Frustrating Way The Rings of Power Is Going to End, According to Reddit Theory

A Frustrating Way The Rings of Power Is Going to End, According to Reddit Theory
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With the show being a couple weeks away from the season finale, fans might be just right.

When one thinks of a season finale, it's usually about mysteries unveiled and drama resolved. In The Rings of Power, there are more than enough mysteries, with the biggest one still tormenting fans: just who is Sauron and will we finally get to see him before the end of season 1?

With several characters being suspected to be Sauron in disguise, a Reddit theory suggested that the end of the first season will be quite disappointing when it comes to that.

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A quite predictable move by the Amazon showrunners would in fact be to settle for a cliffhanger, and "almost" show Sauron — just like they did with Adar in episode 3. Given that the show has been preemptively greenlit for another season, it would be only natural for it to fuel fan speculations even further by never actually revealing who Sauron is — if he is indeed hidden among other characters after all.

Some fans seem to already have some sort of vision.

"This season is just world building and setup. The climax is going to be the southland tower siege thing. Nothing else major will happen and then a Sauron cliffhanger. I want Celebrimbor or Gil Galad to be talking to someone else like Elrond and then say "don't you agree, lord Annatar?" And then the screen goes black and we hear the one ring black speech playing softly." – u/talvanian

However, the cliffhanger could also bring unwanted repercussions.

"I think they could still reveal him and if it's shocking enough it will be a cliffhanger in its own right. If they don't reveal his identity this season I think more than a few people will stop watching. I do think his reveal will probably be the final shot in the season," Reddit user ebrum2010 noted.

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As of now, fans continue to brainstorm over who might end up being Sauron, with people suspecting Halbrand, the Stranger, Adar, Celebrimbor, and sometimes jokingly (at least we hope so) point fingers at Galadriel as hidden dark wizard.

There is only one way to know whether the finale unveils the big mystery. There are three episodes left, with the new episode hitting Prime Video today, September 30, and next one scheduled for October 7. The season finale will premiere on October 14.

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