A Major Death Shocks Fans In 'Better Call Saul' Season 6 Episode 8

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AMC has just premiered the second half of the final season of the 'Breaking Bad' spin-off, and it looks like we're in for a very different story than previously expected.

The series about the much-loved sleazy lawyer proved that spin-offs can be just as good as the original, and sometimes even better. The Bob Odenkirk-led series has created quite a few well-written characters, but Lalo Salamanca, played by Tony Dalton, was the best of them. The drug lord, who debuted back in season four, was expected to be the main villain of the entire season, and the first part of season six only confirmed that assumption. But it looks like Vince Gilligan has managed to surprise fans of his story once again by giving Gus Fring the edge over the criminal kingpin.

The mid-season finale proved that Lalo would be the main villain for the remaining half of the series, but the episode that just came out disproves that statement in an instant – Lalo and Gus stayed together in the Superlab, and Gus did not hesitate to shoot him with the gun he had planted there earlier. Yes, this unexpected death puts the entire series in a precarious position with the expected main villain suddenly dying. But fans are no doubt glad that this cold-blooded assassin finally met his death, lamenting that he managed to kill Howard Hamlin earlier.

"Man…that somber cello that played at the end while they were taking Howard’s wallet and wedding ring…so heartbreaking. And also the shot looking down at the bodies of Lalo and Howard…two guys on the opposite sides of the law, sharing a grave in a dank pit. God, this show wrecks me…" – /TheSweaterThief.

But other than that, viewers are really shocked at how creative and original 'Better Call Saul' is, and despite Lalo's so early death, people are more than pleased with the way his storyline ended.

"Definitely the best Lalo episode. His annoyed face at Jimmy and Kim arguing which one of them should commit murder was hilarious." – /Cappin_Crunch.

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