A Reddit Theory Suggest Irv Being The Most Important Character In 'Severance' Season 2

A Reddit Theory Suggest Irv Being The Most Important Character In 'Severance' Season 2
Image credit: Legion-Media

John Turturro's mild-mannered manager is believed to be the key to unlocking the mystery of Lumon Industries.

The Apple TV + series directed by Ben Stiller became a worldwide phenomenon earlier this year, with millions of fans rushing to discuss all the secrets after each released episode. The plot centers on Mark Scout, a widower who decides to go through a severance procedure that forever separates his working identity from his outside one. Such an unusual plot instantly caught the attention of viewers, and further suspenseful episodes only convinced everyone that a wonderful new mystery show had finally arrived.

Since the season 1 finale left fans with many unresolved cliffhangers, the ground for fan theories has been perfectly prepared. And one of the most curious among discussed on Reddit is undoubtedly about Irv, Mark's colleague, who suffers from vivid and disturbing dreams. When Irv was finally able to free himself from his confinement in Lumon and find himself in his outer body, fans were stunned to learn that his outer version seemed to know far more about the inner workings of the corporation than expected.

"I think those theories of Irv being elsewhere at Lumon in the 6 years prior to his joining MDR must be correct. He takes those pills to stay awake at night so innie-Irving gets tired and falls asleep. My assumption is outtie-Irving gets some kind of subconscious knowledge about Lumon, and the opposite seems to be true, too. Innie-Irving knew exactly where to find the box with the documents, and even where they were hidden and which pocket the key was in. Which, by the way, why did outtie-Irving have the key in his pocket? He must've been waiting for this moment." – /Realsan.

Fans tried to figure out how Irv managed to learn so much, despite the fact that every day when he left his workplace his mind was wiped clean.

"Maybe he woke up years ago after the uprising, but got wiped. Outtie him got suspicious and prepared for it if he ever got out again." – /ajmartin527.

Overall, this revelation certainly puts Irv at the top of the series' food chain, and the fact that he has finally come to terms with his inner personality will certainly make him an important part of the upcoming second season.