A Single Scene in Spider-Man: Homecoming Caused $440,000 Damage

A Single Scene in Spider-Man: Homecoming Caused $440,000 Damage
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Saving the world at a very high cost.


  • An insurance lawyer recently gave estimates for how much damage is caused in superhero movies.
  • A small scene in Spiderman: Homecoming would come with a big price tag.
  • Worst of all, Peter would be on the hook for the cost.

Every superhero movie has at least two fight scenes. Part of the fun is watching the damage: buildings collapse as superheroes punch each other through the ground floor, monsters from outer space flip cars, and laser eyes cut through mobile homes.

Of course, we're not paying much attention to the collateral damage once the dust has settled. It's not nearly as much fun to wield a broom as it is to run away at super speed.

But just for fun, a lawyer recently totalled up all the damage from one of the smaller fight scenes in Spiderman: Homecoming. This isn't even one of the very big punch-em-ups, but it comes with a very big price tag.

Setting the Scene

Early in Homecoming, Peter Parker is still struggling to find his footing as the friendly neighborhood spiderman. Hoping to prove himself, Peter spots an ATM robbery and prepares to be a hero.

Unfortunately, the robbers are equipped with alien tech, salvaged after the events of The Avengers. Peter may have his eager teenage wit, but the robbers have an anti-gravity gun and Chitauri Blowtorch. When Peter keeps trying to protect the ATM, the lasers go through the deli and onto the road. The bodega is set on fire, and the bank is leveled.

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But hey – at least the money in the ATM is safe.

How Much Would It Cost?

​​Lawyer Stacey Giulianti was brought in by Vanity Fair to assess the damages in several superhero movies, including Homecoming. One of the most important things he noted is that liability changes depending on who a superhero is defending. If property is destroyed because someone is trying to protect a life, that person is not liable for any damage.

However, Peter is not trying to save any lives during this fight; he's just trying to protect the ATM. Legally speaking, that means that the damage he caused by intervening isn't justified. By fighting the robbers, he caused additional damage to the bank and deli and could be held accountable in court (if he was ever caught and unmasked, of course).

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In reality, the insurance company would pay out to the bank and the bodega, but also seek out Peter in a quest to get reimbursement.

By Giulianti's estimate, the damage to the deli would cost about $300,000. The damage to windows, ceilings, and the facades of nearby buildings would bring the bill to around $440,000.

It Gets Worse

Of course, this damage is tiny in comparison to the larger fights in Tom Holland 's Spider-Man trilogy. His actions bring down electrical grids and bridges, city streets and cars. However, in most of those cases Peter is acting in order to save the lives of citizens in danger – so he wouldn't be liable for those costs.

We're sure that's a big relief for Aunt May.

Source: Vanity Fair.