A Solid Return: 'The Winchesters' Early Reviews Are Surprisingly Positive

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Despite months of merciless online roasting, it looks like the 'Supernatural' prequel is doing well so far.

'Supernatural' fans have not been overly welcoming when it came to Jensen Ackles-sponsored prequel 'The Winchesters' — a story that follows the history of Mary and John Winchester, the future parents of Sam and Dean. Based on the first insights into the story, it seemed that the prequel retconned the Winchester family history — something that had OG fans fuming online and even threatening to boycott the upcoming show.

The early reviews, however, seem to be surprisingly positive. Critics are calling the prequel "promising" and "entertaining", with some of the reviews noting that the show is just what the doctor ordered for the people who simply want to come back to the world of 'Supernatural'.

"'The Winchesters', at least based on the pilot, is a solid return to the world and hits all the beats you'd expect, with a new cast that seems game for the monster-killing game. I don't know if it'll suck in new fans, but if you want more Supernatural, this will scratch the itch," said Alex Zalben, Decider's managing editor.

Other critics also seem to be way more merciful than crowds of 'Supernatural' fans irritated by the retcon.

"The Winchesters is a beautiful homage to a show we all love. It brought back so many nostalgic memories, and it's truly well done. The story is written well and with the insertion of Dean narrating, it's more than I could have hoped for." - @thebriarroseee

According to a review in TVPulse Magazine, 'The Winchesters' manage to "forge its own path" with "optimism and charm", all of it with actors and writers from the original show involved in the production.

The main couple, however, will not be portrayed by the actors we know from 'Supernatural'. John is played by Drake Rodger, and his future love Mary is portrayed by Meg Donnelly. In the original show, the iconic couple was reprised by several actors. The middle-aged version of the senior Winchesters were portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Samantha Smith. The younger versions of John Winchester were played by Matt Cohen and Nels Guloien, while actress Amy Gumenick reprised young Mary in 'Supernatural'. The fact that the upcoming prequel did not opt for Cohen and Gumenick also irked many fans.

Some people also believe that 'The Winchesters' is going to be set in some sort of an alternate reality — which can be true, given that the multiverse trend is currently sweeping many fictional universes. Another thing that might indicate that the theory is true is how Dean Winchester seems to be alive when telling the story of his parents — at least that's what fans concluded after seeing Jensen Ackles in one of the first trailers for the show.

With the first reviews being overwhelmingly positive, but the general mood in the fandom remaining gloomy, fans will be able to check out the show and decide for themselves in just a month, when 'The Winchesters' premieres on The CW on October 11. Narrated and exec produced by Jensen Ackles, the show has been touted as a "supernatural love story" which will stick to the canon no matter the retcon fears already voiced by some fans.

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