Across the Spider-Verse: We May Have Been Wrong About Spot After All

Across the Spider-Verse: We May Have Been Wrong About Spot After All
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The main villain, portrayed as a simple-minded fool at the beginning of the movie, becomes a menacing antagonist by the end. But what is it that really drives the actions of Spider-Man's nemesis?

Redditor Robot_Was_BMO theorized that the main villain wasn't motivated by hating Spider-Man at all. The fan believes the Spot was romantically rejected by Dr. Olivia Octavius.

And in a scene showing a photo of the future villain shaking hands with Octopus, the Redditor found the first confirmation of this theory.

As it turns out, the Spot not only appreciated his corporate life, but also his professional relationship with his superior, Doc Ock.

The viewer realizes the photo scene is not that crucial. However, the appearance of the Across the Spider Verse antagonist caught the Redditor's attention.

And while the Spot remembers himself in the flashbacks as well-groomed and clean-shaven, the man in the picture is not so neat anymore.

As the fan sees it, this kind of inconsistency speaks volumes about the villain's character. The antagonist is a very vain person who changes his backstory to get people on his side.

This means the Spot may not have told Miles all the reasons he hates him.

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Previously, the villain had always claimed that young Morales turned him into the Spot. More than anything, the antagonist wants to be taken seriously. Sounds like Electro from The Amazing Spider-Man, doesn't it?

But after the collider exploded, the man was transformed into tiny black holes, and his awkward behavior and attempts to commit petty crimes were met only with laughter.

Since viewers were told that the Spot was rejected by his family, it seems more likely that Doc Ock rejected him as well.

And according to the Redditor's theory, the villain projected his insecurities onto Miles because he wanted Olivia to like him.

And then the viewer notices an amusing parallel between Spider-Man and the Spot, as Morales also wanted to stand up to Gwen and talk about how he felt about her.

The Redditor believes that the writers intentionally introduced similar arcs to detail the motivations of both characters. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse will hit Disney Plus on July 8, having premiered in theaters on June 2.

Source: Reddit