After Brendan Fraser's Epic Comeback, The Mummy 4 Might Actually Happen

After Brendan Fraser's Epic Comeback, The Mummy 4 Might Actually Happen
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Ever since King Fraser's return, there've been rumors about The Mummy franchise's consequent revival. And guess what: we think they might actually hold some water!

The Mummy used to be a top-tier franchise back in the day. With peak Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz, engaging action-packed scripts (and crypts), spooky vibes, and hilarious humor it was destined for greatness — and greatness it had.

After the immense success of the first movie, the franchise kept growing, and soon it had two sequels, one spin-off, and an entire animated series.

However, the last two entries pretty much failed, and since Brendan Fraser happened to also vanish from Hollywood at the time, the franchise was almost forgotten.

Later, there were attempts to revive it, but the 2017 reboot with Tom Cruise saw an underwhelming reaction from the audience and lacked in box office revenue, so once again, The Mummy was left in the tomb for the time being.

Now, a new hope sparked in fans' hearts after the man, the myth, the legend Brendan Fraser made an epic comeback to the industry with his award-winning The Whale. The speculations about The Mummy 4 started with a new-found passion.

While there's been no official confirmation of these rumors, they might still hold some water, and there are three main reasons for that — let's go over them.

The Dark Universe still exists

Prior to 2017 The Mummy reboot, Universal Pictures established the Dark Universe. This new cinematic universe was supposed to host classic monster movies starting with The Mummy.

After the reboot bombed, no more entries followed — but the Dark Universe is still there, and it's still waiting for the right opportunity to truly begin.

Brendan's game for it

As well as some of his co-stars, Brendan Fraser has expressed interest in reviving The Mummy more than once.

In 2022, the actor told Variety he was open for the next entry of the franchise, and this year, he claimed he was ready to take on this project and even asked EW to spread the word about it…

This takes us to the next point.

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Fans are craving for it

The movie industry is fueled by the audience, and right now, the global audience is happy to have Brendan Fraser back and wants to see more of him.

Considering the commercial success of the original movie and the insane hype around Fraser, his willingness to make The Mummy 4 coupled with the fans' demands for it is a clear signal for the studio: there's a lot of money to be earned here!

It's safe to say that if there's ever been the right moment to work on The Mummy 4, it's now — and Universal Pictures would need to be blind to not recognize it.

We're hoping to learn that Brendan Fraser's legendary movie's sequel is in the works soon, and just like our favorite actor, we're very much game for it.

Source: Entertainment Weekly, Variety