After Hogwarts Legacy, There's Another Huge Harry Potter Project Coming

After Hogwarts Legacy, There's Another Huge Harry Potter Project Coming
Image credit: Legion-Media

Harry Potter universe is ever-growing, as shown by the prospects of the next magic project, coming in a form one might not expect.

Things are a little quieter on the Harry Potter movie front at the moment, but the universe is set to expand with other projects, a Warner Bros. Discovery high-ranking employee revealed in a publication in Variety.

The Harry Potter brand has so far produced seven books, eight feature films, a somewhat less successful prequel movie trilogy and numerous video games.

The latter works include the hit game Hogwarts Legacy, which was released last month and conquered computers and consoles in no time at all.

The future of the Fantastic Beasts series is currently uncertain. The negative reviews about the movies and the unsatisfactory box office results make the production of a fourth spin-off seem rather unlikely.

No advancements have been made yet in the Harry Potter movie realm. At least, nothing that we would know about at the moment.

As the whole franchise still looks lucrative, the universe needs to move forward in different forms, as Gunnar Wiedenfels, CFO of Warner Bros. Discovery, explained in a conference hosted by investment banking and securities trading firm Morgan Stanley.

As per Wiedenfels, the franchise is still extremely popular, even "12 years after the last film came out." There seem to be so many opportunities, so "we're only just starting to expand that," Wiedenfels adds.

So, the next big thing for fans of the adventures of the Boy Who Lived will be a Harry Potter Studio Tour in Tokyo.

The tour mentioned by Gunnar Wiedenfels is an attraction in Toshimaen. This is a disused amusement park in Tokyo that is set to reopen later this year as a repurposed theme park, dubbed Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo: The Making of Harry Potter.

The tour will give fans an insight into the creation processes of the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts movies by examining the film sets and the props, among other things. So far, there is only such an attraction in London.

As long as we are happy for people living in Japan and those able to visit there, there's nevertheless hope for more global-oriented Harry Potter franchise news in the future. Because the magic is not gone at all.