AI Imagines Harry Potter Characters as Cats, And Honestly? We'd Watch That

Image credit: Legion-Media, Midjourney

Just wait until you see Lord Voldemort in all his feline glory.

J.K. Rowling's wizarding world can enjoy its magic all it wants, but it's not like Muggles are ready to surrender. These days, we have our own kind of magic: artificial intelligence and its seemingly endless possibilities.

If you thought Professor McGonagall was the only one who could turn into a cat, think again. With the help of Midjourney AI, we have reimagined some of the Harry Potter characters as cats.

Some of them are just cute, although Ron Weasley's cat looks like he could use some help — but let's be fair, he often looks like that in the movies.

And Lord Voldemort? Not that we're ready to go over to the Dark Side, but this cat clearly gets all the treats he wants, just because he looks amazing and intimidating at the same time.

Midjourney is a program that generates images from text descriptions provided by people. Turning human characters into cats is the least of what the AI can do, as fans have already tasked it with turning their favorite movies and series into 80s fantasy films.

All the cat content in Midjourney just makes us want a Harry Potter remake, but made entirely with cats. Although we wonder who Professor McGonagall would turn into in such a universe...

Who knows, maybe artificial intelligence magic will be able to create something like this in the future. For now, we'll have to settle for pictures of cute kittens in Gryffindor cloaks – which, frankly, is just fine.

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