All 3 'Lightyear' Post-Credits Explained

All 3 'Lightyear' Post-Credits Explained
Image credit: Legion-Media

The new Pixar blockbuster premieres tomorrow, but post-credit scenes have been already leaked.

The animated film, recounting the true story of the famous astronaut Buzz Lightyear, seemed like a completely unnecessary 'Toy Story' spinoff, but early reviews from critics and audiences suggest that this amazingly beautiful cartoon manages to take its rightful place in the beloved story. The titular space explorer, voiced by Chris Evans, will delight young viewers with his travels through galaxies and stars, his confrontations with the evil Zurg, and his attempts to rescue his crew stranded on an inhabited planet. As with any modern blockbuster, 'Lightyear' has a lot to offer even after the credits roll.

Obviously, major 'Lightyear' spoilers ahead!

Here are all 3 post-credit scenes explained:

Commander Burnside's afternoon tea

The film's finale reveals that the crew Buzz so desperately tried to rescue from the distant planet has decided to stay on its own, and this post-credits scene finally explain us why. Everything on the planet seems to have remained the same, and people are leisurely spending their time there doing their favorite things and basically enjoying themselves. Take Commander Burnside, for example – in the scene we see him blissfully sipping his afternoon tea while Buzz spends years of his life trying to save him. Yikes.

ERIC is still trying to get to the spaceship

The hilarious robot, voiced by the film's director, will surely melt young fans' hearts, but his persona in the film itself is far from bright. Although ERIC has first-rate electronics, he is rather slow when it comes to serious calculations, and the post-credit scene illustrates this perfectly. Hours after Buzz gets to the spaceship, ERIC is still trying to determine the best route to it. At least he's helping…

Will Zurg return?

Although Zurg is shown defeated in the film itself, it appears that the alien villain is still far from dead. The post-credit scene shows viewers the distinct silhouette of James Brolin's Zurg rising again. Perhaps Pixar is planning a sequel to 'Lightyear' or even a solo Zurg show on Disney +?

'Lightyear' will release tomorrow, June 17.