All 9 Conjuring Universe Movies, Ranked From 'Bury It' to 'Forever Alive'

All 9 Conjuring Universe Movies, Ranked From 'Bury It' to 'Forever Alive'
Image credit: Warner Bros.

The Conjuring is probably the most remarkable horror franchise today, but not all installments have been equally good.

Created by director James Wan, The Conjuring universe has become one of the most successful horror franchises of our time.

With the release of the ninth feature-length horror film in the Conjuring universe, we stock up on holy water and rate all the movies in the franchise.

9. The Nun

The Nun is one of the spin-offs of The Conjuring, but chronologically it is the first story of the series: the action takes place in 1952.

By moving the action of demonic attacks from a cozy suburb to a deliberately horror setting, the creators lost the main component of the horror formula. The more corridors lined with crosses and smoky cemeteries flash on the screen, the more predictable are the confrontations with satanic forces.

8. Annabelle

The first Conjuring prequel about the creepy doll Annabelle takes place in California during the murders of the Charles Manson Family. However, it is almost impossible to find out without the credits: the main characters talk and behave like modern millennials. There are no original ideas or techniques in Annabelle, but only cheaply copied cliches from other horror movies.

7. The Nun II

The story takes place in 1956, four years after the events of the first movie.

After the premiere, everyone agreed that the second movie was better than the first, but it was still not enough. The Nun II has interesting storylines, but they don't work together, and frankly, cheap jump scares don't help either.

6. The Curse of La Llorona

The producers decided to bring a bit of ethnic exoticism to the franchise. La Llorona, a character from Mexican folklore, is used as the main demon here.

Unfortunately, such diversity cannot save a movie that uses so many genre cliches. Everything works like clockwork: the ghost in a wedding dress, deafening sound effects mixed with screams, and a traditional exorcism ritual that takes up the entire last third of the movie.

5. The Conjuring

It is often the case that the first movie in a famous franchise is the most daring and fresh, as opposed to the sequels. In the case of The Conjuring, it is the opposite.

Nothing in The Conjuring was a risk. Still, it worked: Ed and Lorraine Warren are perfect models for charismatic protagonists. And the final exorcism immediately outlines the vector for the entire further development of the franchise: this is no indie movie, but a real horror blockbuster.

4. Annabelle Comes Home

Annabelle 3 is a horror movie for children. The main character here is the Warrens' daughter Judy, and the action takes place on an evening when the parents left home.

Despite its own charm, it's probably the most unnecessary movie of the franchise. Still, with its vibes of a horror episode from a 90s show, the film works.

3. The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

As a horror movie, this project doesn't really work: there are no really scary images on the level of The Nun or Annabelle, and the director doesn't really try to scare you with unexpected cuts or effects. But as a detective story, the movie is really captivating: there is an action-packed investigation, exciting interviews with suspects, and an unpredictable outcome.

2. The Conjuring 2

James Wan uses his signature filmmaking style in the sequel, making it one of the most influential horror films of the decade.

Long takes allow the audience to see the main characters as clearly as if they were standing right in front of you. Wan's approach to The Conjuring 2 perfectly captures the fear the characters feel during the movie's scariest scenes.

1. Annabelle: Creation

The second prequel about the Annabelle doll can be called the most successful movie in the entire Conjuring universe. The house in the middle of the desert where the action takes place is frightening in its isolation. The orphaned children who have lost their shelter cannot help but evoke empathy. Finally, the demon posing as a dead girl is the most insidious of the entire franchise.