All Big Bang Theory Guest Stars Had One Common Problem With the Show

All Big Bang Theory Guest Stars Had One Common Problem With the Show
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But fans still never noticed.


  • The Big Bang Theory, a science fiction comedy sitcom that had its run for more than 10 years, stands out thanks to its long list of famous guest stars who appeared in particular episodes.
  • However funny and carefree the series may have seemed, the actors with cameo roles had to face some certain difficulties on set.
  • Despite the struggles that the guest stars had to face, the show’s tight schedule didn’t really allow anyone to think too much about it.

The Big Bang Theory can boast not only of its immense success with the audience for more than 10 years straight, but also of the impressive list of its guest stars — people like Stan Lee, Stephen Hawking, Bob Newhart, Bill Nye, Charlie Sheen and Carrie Fisher made their appearance in the show and they come as just a little part of all the famous faces that got to be in there.

Despite the series’ seemingly relaxing atmosphere where nothing but fun and excitement can be present, one of its main actors has recently revealed that the show in fact had got the guest stars quite stressed out about the whole thing.

According to Kaley Cuoco, who got to portray Leonard’s girlfriend and then wife Penny, most of the actors with a cameo struggled on set as The Big Bang Theory became a totally new, “theatrical” experience for them.

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Cuoco then clarified that for her personally performing in front of the live audience was quite natural as it was the kind of job that she’d been doing ever since her career started. However, for those who were not used to being watched by someone else except for the crew it was different and slightly terrifying — to the point that, as the actress recalled, many brilliant dramatic actors “would feel so lost for a while”.

The whole situation could even aggravate due to the fact that actors would also find it extremely hard to keep up with the main cast’s jokes, as if the punchlines of which had required some specific rhythm that needed to be adapted.

Though if some guest stars were relatively fine with the live audience watching their every move, there was another thing that could get on their nerves. Over the course of the years of the show’s existence, the main cast succeeded in creating a pure and fascinating chemistry among each other so someone else intruding could’ve seemed totally out of place.

Despite that, everybody hardly had time to ponder on it as the series’ schedule was quite tight and everything needed to be done in the shortest possible time.