All Daryl, No Carol: Melissa McBride Exits 'TWD' Spinoff

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Despite her starring in the biggest series on the planet, Melissa McBride has just left the upcoming untitled 'TWD' spinoff due to creative differences.

'The Walking Dead' is by far the most prominent show on television, so it's understandable why AMC is trying to do everything it can to capitalize on its coveted property. With many spinoffs in development, the one with Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Carol was certainly the most promising. Well, not any more…

Although the show would have had the biggest stars of the franchise at its center, AMC did not treat it well – the other spinoffs in development had already been filmed or were preparing to be, but Carol and Daryl project was somehow still in the early stages. But that didn't seem to be the reason for McBride's departure from the series, but rather Reedus' desire to shoot the series in Europe.

Wait, what? 'TWD' in Europe? That does sound pretty preposterous, but according to the AMC executive (via TVLine), that was really the case. McBride didn't want to live in Europe for the long period of filming the series (whose success could lead to a multi-season continuation), so she decided to part ways with the show.

A spinoff about Daryl without Carol is sure to disappoint some fans of the series who are interested in the chemistry of the characters rather than their individual stories.

Some fans are puzzled by the show's location in Europe, trying to figure out how Daryl is going to get there from the U.S.

The untitled 'Daryl' spinoff will be filming in Europe this summer, and is scheduled to premiere in 2023.

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