All Good Things Come To End: S5 Will Be The Last Of Star Trek Discovery

All Good Things Come To End: S5 Will Be The Last Of Star Trek Discovery
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Fans are worried this may not be the last Paramount Plus sad announcement about the Star Trek franchise.

Although taking writing risks has always worked well for the Star Trek: Discovery producers, it was recently announced that the show was officially canceled after season 5.

From what fans gathered from the shooting process and season spoilers, the crew did not plan to end the story now, but Paramount Plus had its own plan.

Star Trek: Discovery debuted on screens in 2017, giving a start to a whole new chapter of the Star Trek series.

From its very beginning, the show focused on the lead character, Michael Burnham, a science specialist, who eventually becomes a captain, and their adventures with other team members of the U.S.S. Discovery crew.

Star Trek: Discovery's initial success led to the expansion of a fan-favorite franchise with various tie-in media and spin-offs created.

Such an abrupt ending seems confusing to fans and makes many wonder whether or not it'll be possible to give all of Discovery's storylines a proper ending.

Rumor has it, the cast and crew had already been called back to re-shoot some parts and make some changes based on these decisions.

Moreover, viewers express their worries about Paramount Plus's financial viability, scared to lose every other story within their favorite franchise that's been recently picked up.

Alex Kurtzman and Michelle Paradise, who are co-running the show for the past two seasons, seem to be more optimistic about the story ending in their statement.

"The 'Trek' universe means so much to so many — including us — and we couldn't be prouder of everything Discovery has contributed to its legacy," they said.

Even though the grand finale of the series is already confirmed, there's still plenty of time to wrap our minds around this news, as season 5 will be released no sooner than early 2024.

The story of season 5 is announced to be a huge adventure across the whole galaxy in hopes of finding ancient artifacts.

All the main cast members are expected to make a comeback in their respective roles for the final season.

Additionally, some guest stars from very well-known shows like The Umbrella Academy and Shadowhunters will strengthen the cast with some new characters.