All Vampire Movies Pale Compared To This Forgotten 2000s Classic

All Vampire Movies Pale Compared To This Forgotten 2000s Classic
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Say no to Edward Cullen, we have a much better vampire for you.

Twilight, Interview with the Vampire, Van Helsing – we hear about all these vampire movies on a regular basis, but another franchise that brought together the best of them has been unfairly forgotten.

Many of us saw the first installment of Underworld, which was released in 2003, as children or teenagers, and this could not but influence the formation of our attitude towards the whole genre.

Kate Beckinsale as the vampire Selene formed a whole cult of worship. It is not surprising that for 20 years the actress has not been able to get rid of this image, which brought her the largest pay checks.

Selene was eye-catching – latex, bob haircut, blue eyes and vampire fangs – a sure-fire formula for success. The character was somewhat a female counterpart to Blade.

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The constant darkness in the movies, the almost monochrome picture without any bright elements, the brilliant work on the costumes – the art direction of the movie was beyond good and probably created half of the magnetic atmosphere.

Centuries-old feuds between lycans and vampire clans, constant intrigues, betrayals and not too hackneyed ideas were enough to keep the interest of the fans. Not to mention the inclusion of cyberpunk elements – in the fourth movie, Selene awakens from a 12-year coma in the near future – which significantly changed the familiar vampire aesthetic.

Moreover, the origins of vampires and lycans were carefully described down to the smallest nuances, such as the characteristics of hybrid species and the differences between vampire houses.

We live in an era of over-budgeted blockbusters. History often repeats itself: studios take an idea, invest a hundred million dollars (or even more) and hope the movie doesn't flop.

Today, low- and mid-budget films are very rarely released by major studios. With the exception of horror films, there is no confidence that such movies will make any money at all. Therefore, independent film producers have taken over this niche.

The cinema really needs movies like Underworld and its sequels. It shows that the lower and middle segments can be successful and popular. Underworld has found its place, and in the absence of good or any vampire movies, Selene's adventures are just what we need.