Almost 50% of Fans Think Cassie Is the Worst Friend in 'Euphoria'

Almost 50% of Fans Think Cassie Is the Worst Friend in 'Euphoria'
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"If it makes me a villain…"

The 'Euphoria ' characters are far from being decent people and nice friends, but it would seem that Cassie is definitely a leader when it comes to fans arguing over who is the worst at friendship.

In a 'Euphoria' sub-Reddit fans of the hit HBO show voted on who turned out to be the worst friend in the series – and almost half of the votes went to Cassie after her decision to sleep with her best friend's abusive ex, Nate.

The rest of the votes went surprisingly evenly to the rest of the characters. Let's be honest, not everyone in 'Euphoria' is a good example. Rue, for her part, would always ditch her best friend Lexi and only turn to her when she needed her urine to prove to her mother that she stayed clean. Fez would keep selling Rue drugs even though he clearly saw that she was an addict and this addiction only ruined her.

Maddy took the sex tape with Jules from Nate and never even bothered to tell Jules. The latter, in her turn, did not really seem to care about Rue and her feelings, freely flirting with other people and even leaving Rue at her lowest point when she needed support. Finally, Nate decided it was okay to date Cassie, even though she was an ex of his best friend McKay and he used to slut-shame her with him.

However, Cassie seems to truly be the villain of the story. Still, some people think that others only deem her to be the worst because of the amount of time 'Euphoria' spent concentrating on Cassie and Maddy's friendship.

"I think the main reason people are voting Cassie & Maddy is because they were clearly the closest friends. Rue / Lexi's friendship faded, Maddy / Jules' friendship was never that strong, Nate is a terrible person so nobody's surprised by his awful behavior, and Fez had to (reluctantly) sell drugs to Rue because he had higher ups to worry about." – /DIORX8

After all, 'Euphoria' is really good at showing people how not to treat your friends – and it applies to pretty much every character in the show, not just Cassie.

It's quite possible that in season 3 fans' collective mind will be changed yet again: 'Euphoria' is known not just for its brutally honest (and rather graphic) depiction of some of the heaviest and most uncomfortable issues, but also for a distinctly clever plot, offering some emotional twists and turns. 'Euphoria's season 3 is already confirmed by HBO, however, there's no release date just yet.