Amazon's Fallout Series: 3 Major Reddit Suggestions

Amazon's Fallout Series: 3 Major Reddit Suggestions
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Amazon Prime is currently filming its video game adaptation, and fans are willing to help the streaming giant with some curious storytelling ideas.

The postapocalyptic world of 'Fallout ' has long beckoned to Hollywood, as the Bethesda franchise definitely abounds with charismatic characters, original locations and great stories worthy of a screen adaptation. And now, thanks to Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, that dream is finally a reality, as the series starring Ella Purnell, Walton Goggins and Kyle McLachlan is already filming. But despite the paucity of narrative details, fans are obviously eager for Amazon not to ruin their favorite video game, helping the streaming giant by voicing some suggestions on Reddit.

The series should be R-Rated

'Fallout' is clearly an adult-oriented franchise, as the games deal with themes such as sexual assault, extreme violence, and severe depression caused by the oppressive atmosphere of a nuclear wasteland. And while the games are often very funny, they have never been family-friendly, casually depicting murder and animal cruelty. To carefully adapt 'Fallout' for the television format, series' creators should use a rather strict age rating, because the post-apocalyptic United States is definitely no place for children.

"I don't want to see them holding back. I don't want them holding back when it comes to things like gore and humour especially. I don't want them to "Disney- fy" it. I don't want them to sterilize it for the sake of ratings or to appeal to a wider audience. I want it to be an adult-oriented show about the post-Apocalypse." – /alex1596.

The series should bring something new to the table

With more than 20 years of 'Fallout', the story and history of the game are certainly quite extensive, and the fandom has been careful to follow every scrap of information available in the canonical games. Despite this, many hope that Amazon will prepare something new in its upcoming project, choosing a previously unknown setting or portraying some other factions besides the Brotherhood of Steel or the Enclave, without discarding them either.

"I'm sure there will be some new ones but I definitely want some of the established ones too. It's not Fallout without the Brotherhood of Steel in my opinion. I also hope they do bring back the Enclave and just flesh them out more. Alternatively if we're out west we gotta have the NCR," – /KrisGomez.

The series should convey games' unique atmosphere

Not a comedy or a realistic story is the motto the 'Fallout' game series has always followed. In the toxic wasteland of the United States, it's pretty easy to find something to laugh about, but the all too real human suffering and depressing atmosphere have always prevented the series from being a simple situation comedy. Amazon should take a similar approach to please fans, because no real gamer would want his 'Fallout' to be too comedic or too depressing.

"I hope the show goes for a similar tone to Atlanta or Barry. Both are dark comedies that can take things to very serious places but ultimately manage to remain comedic throughout with a touch of the surreal. Going too far serious or too far comedic would be bad for the show. My main concern beside that is I hope they have a complete story planned out. Whether they want to do an anthology where every season is a different setting and different characters or do a four season show that has a clear story through it all, I don’t care as long as isn’t something that changes course part way into it." – /JuanRiveara.