Amazon Was Worried Over Just One Scene in 'The Boys', And It's Pretty Mental

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The scandalous adult superhero series is no stranger to graphic violence, but the streaming service seems to have been particularly concerned about something else.

Now in its third season, 'The Boys' has certainly managed to capture the zeitgeist: millions of fans are demanding to be shown more dark, violent and sexually charged superhero stories. And the series, centered around Billy Butcher's (Karl Urban) quest to get rid of all superheroes once and for all, certainly lives up to those expectations. As the series prepares to debut its most controversial episode, titled 'Herogasm', the show's creator decided to talk about his creative relationship with Amazon, revealing some pretty interesting information.

In a conversation with Rolling Stone Eric Kripke shared that despite the huge amount of violence and sexual content in the show, Amazon has only requested an advisory warning only once.

"I have not reached any pushback from Sony and Amazon on anything we wanted to do. I'd say the most extreme we've gotten is this season, and they said, 'Hey, can we put some kind of viewer advisory about the Deep's [sexual relationship with an octopus?]' And literally, that was it. That's the most I've ever had in three years," Kripke said.

The streaming giant seems to have put its complete trust in Kripke's creation, letting him and his team do whatever they see fit. But, as fans were quick to comment, Deep's sexual relationship with the octopus was only the beginning, as later in the series Deep was forced to eat his friend and sexual partner. And that's where some viewers drew the line, accusing Kripke of intentionally using the shock factor.

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