AMC's Interview With The Vampire is Better Than The Movie, According to Reviews

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Tom Cruise who? It's time for Sam Reid as vampire Lestat now.

It looks like there can be a good reboot after all — at least that's what early reviews are saying about AMC's TV series Interview With The Vampire led by Sam Reid and Jacob Anderson.

Ahead of the show's October 2 scheduled release, reviews describe the new take on the iconic adaptation of Anne Rice's novel as "pulpy" and "proudly queer". A review by Time magazine even went as far as anointing the series as "the season's best fantasy franchise reboot".

The reviews obviously focused on how the new adaptation takes out the queer subtext from the original novel and makes it a centerpiece of the story instead of using hints and subtext to make things clear between Lestat and Louis. In the 1994 movie, Brad Pitt (Louis de Pointe du Lac) and Tom Cruise (Lestat de Lioncourt) have never directly highlighted the queerness of their characters.

Now that the AMC TV show appears to fix that, early reviews are celebrating the fact that everything is clearly stated between the two. Still, the show remains faithful to the spirit of the Anne Rice Immortal Universe as it is a "startlingly good adaptation", as put by Consequence.

According to What to Watch, "the cast and the crew are absolutely dedicated to Anne Rice and to being faithful stewards of her work."

In order for the rest of the viewers to form their own opinion about the revival of the iconic vampire story, they will have to wait until October 2, when the series officially premieres on AMC.

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