Amy Poehler Is Ready For More 'Parks & Rec'

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Amy Poehler, star of the superhit NBC sitcom 'Parks and Recreation', is more than ready to reprise her role in a possible reboot of the series.

'Parks & Rec' was known as a "clone" of The Office, created by the same people (Michael Shur and Greg Daniels), but after a couple of seasons the show was able to find its footing and become an original and beloved series. Boasting an incredible cast of Aziz Ansari, Chris Pratt, Adam Scott, Audrey Plaza and Nick Offerman, it looks like the Poehler-led show is much harder to reunite than 'The Office', given the incredible busyness of its stars and their many projects.

But it looks like Poehler is all in on this idea. Co-creator of Netflix's time-travelling series 'Russian Doll', told People about her enthusiasm for 'Parks & Rec' to return for a proper season.

"[I'm] always standing by. Anytime anybody gives me the word, and I'm down," Poehler explained.

This news is sure to be a great comfort to the show's many fans, and with the cast reuniting in 2020 for Feeding America's COVID-19 Response Fund, anything is certainly possible.

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