'Andor' Does Not Feel Like 'Star Wars' — For Many People, It's a Bad Thing

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Something new is not always better, according to 'Star Wars' fans.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'Andor'

As people welcome the first three episodes of 'Andor' on Disney Plus, it receives criticism as well as accolades. What seemed to have stood out from the very beginning is how starkly different the 'Rogue One' prequel feels from the entire franchise.

'Star Wars' have never been about gore, sex, violence, and general darkness, concentrating more on space travel, lightsaber fighting, moral conflicts, and compelling and hopeful storylines. 'Andor', however, begs to differ. It kicks off the story with a scene in a brothel that ends with a murder committed by the main character – two things that are, to say the least, quite unlikely for the galaxy far, far away.

Many people praised the difference, celebrating the show as a breath of fresh air for the universe and applauding the showrunners for creating a more "mature" Star Wars story. But some fans are quite disappointed, because when they hit play on a new Star Wars show, they expect to return to the familiar world and the atmosphere they are accustomed to. It's not something that one should be looking for in 'Andor'.

"Not sure what to make of Andor it didn't really grip me. It's not bad or anything like that, it just doesn't feel like STAR WARS to me. But hopefully the next couple of episodes work better for me." – @TWPM88

According to many people, 'Andor' seems to be very weakly connected to the Star Wars universe. Unlike 'Obi-Wan Kenobi', the 'Rogue One' prequel does not offer a wide choice of Easter eggs from other projects – even though they might arrive later in the season. It also has "little to no fan service", according to social media users. To be fair, there are people who think it's good and makes 'Andor' stand out.

"The idea that Andor doesn't have Easter eggs is just wrong- the difference is that the Easter eggs are unintrusive background worldbuilding things rather than the show being a conveyor belt to get you from one reference to the next." – @coreyloses

With 12 episodes planned for release, 'Andor' will have new episodes arriving weekly on Disney Plus through November 23.

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