Anne Hathaway Turned Down Main Role In $1B Movie Because She Didn't Want to Be a Princess Again

Anne Hathaway Turned Down Main Role In $1B Movie Because She Didn't Want to Be a Princess Again
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One princess in the actress' filmography was more than enough.

The choice of roles is a matter of principle for established actors and actresses.

Newcomers are forced to seize every opportunity to shine on the big screen, while eminent masters can afford to choose the most interesting roles in their opinion.

Stars sometimes turn down the roles – some are driven by the desire to get a bigger offer in terms of money, others are not satisfied with being in the same movie with other popular actors, and some have simply played something similar before.

This was the motivation that drove Anne Hathaway to turn down the lead role in a Disney movie.

The actress admitted that she was offered the role of Alice in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, but turned it down because she was past the age when she liked playing girls in pretty dresses.

Thanks to one of those roles in The Princess Diaries, Anne's career took off. In the case of Alice, she gave young Mia Wasikowska the same opportunity and has not regretted this decision.

Consequently, Anne played the role of White Queen, which better suited her image and age.

Known for such bizarrely dark movies as Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, and Sleepy Hollow, director Tim Burton has established himself as an eccentric visionary in Hollywood.

Anne Hathaway revealed she was afraid she wouldn't fit into the crazy world of Alice in Wonderland, especially since it was her first role with so much CGI.

All of these concerns seem justified. There's an incredible amount of technology involved with CGI, and it's amazing how actors can perform scenes without the actual environment or characters with them on set.

This requires an extra level of concentration and imagination that can sometimes be difficult to channel in the right direction.

However, the actress did a great job with her role and added that she was very comfortable working with Burton because he gives the actors a certain amount of freedom to try to embody their own vision of the character.

As a result, Alice in Wonderland became a huge box office success, grossing over $1 billion worldwide and securing a sequel, titled Alice Through the Looking Glass.