Anxious About AI? This 93% Rotten Tomatoes Netflix Thriller Will Make It Worse

Anxious About AI? This 93% Rotten Tomatoes Netflix Thriller Will Make It Worse
Image credit: Netflix

This 2018 gem is so relevant today it scares.


  • Cam is a thriller that highlights the dangers of extreme technological progress.
  • The movie revolves around a young girl whose social media account was hacked.
  • The subject of identity theft is in the middle of the movie.

Remember the times when we were afraid that robots would take over our planet? Then came the phase when we were scared of the idea of robots stealing our jobs. And it seems like now we are at the place in life where the idea of AI stealing our identity doesn’t sound so outrageous.

Especially after watching movies like Cam. This psychological thriller was released in 2018 and has a 93% Rotten Tomatoes score, which can only mean that the effect it has on people is just significant.

Well, at the center of the story is a young girl named Alice, brilliantly played by Madeline Brewer. Alice is a cam girl, or, to put it differently, an online sex worker. Everyday she logs in on a special website and does whatever her followers ask her.

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Of course, in order for them to get what they want they have to pay. Now Alice is very popular on the platform, but she wants to make it to the top of it, so she works hard under her nickname Lola_Lola.

One day, however, when she tried to log into her account, she was denied because it seemed to be in use, and apparently she was already streaming! The streamer from her account looked and sounded exactly like her, but you get the idea, it wasn't Alice, it was her AI clone.

Scared to death, she started asking questions and found out that several other popular girls had been hacked in the same way. Now, can you imagine the level of anxiety that something like that can bring to a person's life?

Viewers found that the movie answered many questions of today's life. The film was clever and well made, but it left a strange aftertaste.

“The acting of Madeline Brewer in the main role was very good, committed and believable, which additionally elevated the material given. The film also has the anxious, moody atmosphere that I really liked. It comments on today's problems of Internet identity vs. everyday life,” Redditor rampantcinephile said.

The movie is available to stream on Netflix.