Apple TV+ 'Severance' Has The Best Opening Credits on TV Right Now

Image credit: Legion-Media

Apple TV+'s dystopian sci-fi series 'Severance' follows Mark (Adam Scott), an employee of mysterious company ‘Lumon Industries’, who has agreed to separate his memories of work from his personal life memories.

Many critics agree that every element of the show is thought out to the last detail. And the credits aren’t an exclusion.

Severance' opening credits take viewers on a surreal journey through Mark's workday, full of the tension between his personal and work life. Animated versions of the character multiply and ooze together stumbling through corporate spaces and wintery landscapes by the perfect Theodore Shapiro's score.

The credits are the work of Oliver Latta, an artist based in Berlin, whose work studies human form in ways that are simultaneously grotesque and mesmerizing. The perfect examples of this artistic approach can be found in ‘Severance' opening credits. In one moment an office mug overflows not with coffee but with multiple tiny Marks piled on each other. In other – Mark carries floating duplicates of his own body behind him.

Latta, found by Stiller thanks to his Instagram page, drew the inspiration for the most arresting images ‘Severance' credits from his prior works.

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