Apple TV Latest Sci-Fi Series Has Even More Mind-Blowing Premise Than Severance

Apple TV Latest Sci-Fi Series Has Even More Mind-Blowing Premise Than Severance
Image credit: Apple TV+

Parallel universes are apparently a thing now.

There can never be too many science fiction shows! Our world is so strange and at the same time so not well-analyzed, that the existence of so many sci-fi movies and TV series just makes a lot of sense: the many possible scenarios on how our reality will turn out have to be explored.

Although sometimes the stories on the screen are so far from what we're used to seeing, it's actually frightening. Take Apple TV 's Severance, for example. The show premiered in 2022 and immediately became a hit because of its mind-bending premise.

The show exists in two universes where the same characters live, and the most interesting thing is that both of them are real: the characters just don't fully realize it. Their lives are divided into two worlds: the usual one and the one where they work. And because of an operation they all went through, the memories of the two realities never mix...

Well, while we all are waiting for Severance season 2, Apple TV has decided to woo us with another perfect sci-fi series. In May this year, a show named Dark Matter premiered on the platform and caused quite a stir on the internet.

What Is Dark Matter About?

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At the center of the story is a physics professor named Jason Dessen, played by Joel Edgerton, known later in the series as Jason 1. He lives a modest life as a teacher, but he has a loving family that makes him happy. Of course, when his friend wins a prestigious award, Jason 1 begins to wonder what his life would have been like had he chosen a different path?

Well, if he knew what was about to happen next, we guess he would never have asked. The thing is, Jason is a sort of genius… in another universe. Apparently, Jason 2 exists in his own world, and this version of Jason has followed his dream of becoming a rich and successful scientist.

But that was not enough for him, so he created a way to travel through parallel universes. This time he went too far: he drugged and kidnapped Jason 1 and took his place in reality, leaving him wandering in the alternate universe.

From there, Jason 1's ultimate battle begins to find his way back to his family, because there is a great danger that comes from his other version... But will it be so easy for him to jump between universes?

Viewers find the series so entertaining, mostly because of the way it deals with questions of greed, a person's true identity, and how even good life choices can have a devastating result.

“Just finished the latest episode and I'm very impressed with the imagination of this show. The themes of regret and wrong choices are very well done and the glimpses into the randomness of other realities is often horrifying. The cast is also superb, often playing multiple versions of themselves,” Redditor Tobillys__ said.

Dark Matter is available to stream on Apple TV+.