Apple TV Show You Should Watch Right Now If You Really Miss Severance

Apple TV Show You Should Watch Right Now If You Really Miss Severance
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It's very different when it comes to setting, but has an eerily similar vibe.

With Severance currently in limbo due to behind-the-scenes turmoil caused by "pricey problems, including scrapped scripts and the dreaded showrunners who don't speak to each other" (as put by Puck's reporter Matthew Belloni), many fans may find themselves in dire need of a show that could feel the void left by Apple TV 's hit.

Severance's first season is loved for a perfect mix of tense drama, eerie vibe, and a plot so masterfully sprinkled with suspense and twists that it's actually impossible not to binge-watch the entire season in one go.

Now that season 2 is being delayed because of the production conflicts, we have a show that might as well help you wait and keep your hopes up.

We're talking about Silo, a new ongoing show by Apple TV that is an adaptation of a book series by Hugh Howey.

The show introduces us to the population of Silo, a huge underground city of multiple stories built by God knows who God knows why.

However, the Silo residents know one thing for sure: they're better off underground, since the outside world is presumably toxic, and one dies almost immediately after leaving the safety of the bunker.

Or do they? After all, one is free to see for oneself: any request to leave the Silo is granted immediately, with one small tweak.

You cannot change your mind, and once you asked to leave, you will be forced out.

Naturally, some Silo residents start to doubt whether the "Up Top" is entirely honest with them. Is the outside world as toxic as they are being told?

Why was there a rebellion 140 years ago, and why was their history erased after that? And, most importantly, is the truth worth the risk of dying when you eventually leave the Silo?

Those who loved Severance will certainly appreciate the mystery and suspense of Silo, with the show similarly exploring the two eerie world: the "inside" and "outside," even though the premise is clearly different.

Still, since the show's first season is not finished yet, you may find yourself hooked and suffering every week while waiting for a new episode.

If you are ready, go give Silo a try right now. If you're already among those who can't wait for the new episode, brace yourself: the new one will premiere on Apple TV on May 26.

Source: Puck