Aquaman 2 Reveals Just How Tired Fans Are of the DCEU

Aquaman 2 Reveals Just How Tired Fans Are of the DCEU
Image credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

With Aquaman releasing in three months and still somehow not even having a trailer, it really goes to show just how little both the audience and Warner Bros. care for it.

Since 2023 has been quite fruitful when it comes to new movies, we have quite a few recent examples that show exactly how easy it is to ruin a film. There are oh so many ways to do it and this year, we’ve seen them all — so we can recognize an attempt to ruin a project when we see it. And fans can see it, too.

From prioritizing marketing over production and pumping the budget money into the most questionable aspects of the movie, like the overhyped and underdeveloped The Flash, to ignoring marketing completely and praying that the people would somehow learn about the movie like Elemental (that somehow pulled it off), we’ve seen quite a few approaches to ruining a good thing.

Admittedly, the creators of Aquaman 2 decided to mess up following the example of Elemental — save for the fact they have no reason to hope to repeat its miraculous success.

With the second installment of Jason Momoa and Amber Heard ’s underwater adventure coming out in three months, there’s still no trailer to this day!

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Praying and hoping that the people will notice the movie and go to the theaters themselves will yield the only logical result: failure. We’re not saying this just because there is no trailer, though. We’re saying this because there is no trailer and no one even cares. The audience feels quite OK with not knowing about this movie.

One of the leading speculations we have is that after James Gunn ’s announcement of the new DC Universe, people largely stopped caring about the DCEU. What’s the point of being invested in something that will cease existing any month now? While logical and fair, this attitude will most likely prove quite disastrous for Warner Bros.

But for some reason, even the company doesn’t seem to care. We can’t quite grasp the brilliant commercial plan of not doing anything to market a massive and expensive project, but it’s admittedly there somewhere. Either that or they bet whether it’s possible to fail even more dramatically than with The Flash.