Arcane Fandom Descends Into House of the Dragon Mode Ahead of S2

Arcane Fandom Descends Into House of the Dragon Mode Ahead of S2
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Don't we all love picking sides?

The first season of Arcane was a showstopper even for the people who has no idea about what League of Legends was (for the uninitiated: the Netflix series is based on this popular videogame's universe). Which is why the wait for the second season is even more excruciating: it's been two years and next to no news on Arcane's second chapter.

Spoilers ahead for Arcane season 1!

Arcane season 1 left us staring at our screens after basically kickstarting the civil war between the utopian city of Piltover and its far less pleasant neighbour Zaun. The most painful moment is that Piltover was basically finalizing a peace agreement when a missile launched by Jinx, one of two main characters, stormed into the Council room.

We don't yet know who is the attack's victim and just how things will go down in the second season. However, it doesn't prevent fans from picking sides, basically following the lead of the House of the Dragon fandom and its constant bickering between Team Black and Team Green.

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In the case of the Arcane fandom, it's either Team Piltover or Team Zaun. The funniest thing? We're not quite sure just where the main characters stand. Clearly, Jinx, who launched the missile, is full Team Zaun; but her sister Violet, who happens to care for Piltover's enforcer named Caitlyn and use a Hexgate weapon, is a big mystery.

Some fans, however, prefer not to choose between Piltover or Zaun, rather siding with one of the characters. Many people support Jinx; some even believe she might as well become an enemy for both sides at the end of season 2.

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Few people are willing to side with Piltover, because, let's be honest, it's pretty hard to root for the rich oppressors; it's almost like siding with the city of Panem in The Hunger Games.

However, there is a truly beautiful point of view (which is unlikely to survive the harsh realities of the upcoming season).

"I’m team Caitlyn’s best vision of Piltover and Ekko’s best vision of Zaun," Redditor curveofherthroat said.

Caitlyn does want the best for Piltover, believing it could become the city of progress and acceptance instead of just being focused on money and control. Ekko, Vi and Jinx's friend from the good times when Vander was alive and current leader of the Firelights, is already making sure that Zaun isn't just a dark void filled with drugs and crime.

When Arcane season 2 finally hits screens, the fandom might face the urge to go full House of the Dragon mode; in the Game of Thrones prequel's subreddit, people would literally turn any discussion into a Team Black vs. Team Green massacre.

But first, we need to wait until the long-anticipated second chapter of Arcane premieres. According to RiotGames and Netflix, this will happen in the fourth quarter of 2024, which means not sooner than fall or winter.

Source: Reddit