Arden Cho 'Teen Wolf' Salary Scandal Explained

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To fans' great frustration, Cho's character Kira Yukimura is not featured in 'Teen Wolf: The Movie'.

As the iconic MTV series 'Teen Wolf' returns with a movie that is touted as "everything fans would ever want", it turns out that fans do not particularly agree with such a description due to two beloved characters – Stiles Stilinski and Kira Yukimura – being absent in the newly-released trailer.

While Dylan O'Brien, who portrayed Stiles, has indicated that he will not be a part of the movie but roots for the cast and crew, the story behind Arden Cho is far more dramatic.

An undisputed fan favorite, Cho played a thunder kitsune Kira Yukimura and marked herself as a love interest for the main character, Scott. However, when it came to reprising her role in an upcoming movie, Deadline reported that she was offered a paycheck far less impressive than that of her other colleagues.

This was not something Cho was willing to accept, which is why her character is unlikely to make an appearance in 'Teen Wolf: The Movie'. Still, fans remain outraged over the fact that the movie appears to revive the storyline of kitsune and nogitsune while failing to bring back the characters it was actually centered around.

Naturally, the salary scandal remains an acute part of the discourse.

"Using Kira's backstory as the main plot of the Teen Wolf movie when they were going to pay Arden Cho half the salary than her female co-stars is shameful." – @coIvmbvs

Fans accuse the team behind 'Teen Wolf: The Movie' of mistreating the actress, with some people even vowing to boycott the movie over the absence of their favorite characters.

"The mistreatment of Arden Cho by the Teen Wolf team is absolutely insane. How you make a whole movie based around her character's mythos and refuse to pay the actress correctly." – @from_vante

'Teen Wolf: The Movie' is going to be streaming on Paramount Plus, but the release date remains to be announced.

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