Are Dua Lipa and Trevor Noah Actually Dating?

Are Dua Lipa and Trevor Noah Actually Dating?
Image credit: Legion-Media

Do we have a couple of the year here?

Twitter is having some Friday night fan as it struggles to determine whether singer Dua Lipa and comedian Trevor Noah are actually dating. But why the rumors?

Turns out that the two were spotted enjoying a night out and getting cozy together, with paparazzi pics showing Trevor hugging and kissing Dua.

Many people were caught by surprise, saying that Trevor and Dua dating was "not on their 2022 bingo card". Even though the duo is yet to comment on relationship rumors, a lot of fans have already celebrated the love, as others joked about the perks both could receive from dating — for instance, Trevor, as a Grammy host, could maybe offer Dua some preferences at the next ceremony?

Some people can't help but compare the two to another couple — that famously didn't last long, saying that "Dua Lipa and Trevor Noah is just The Weeknd and Selena Gomez in a different font."

Given that the romance rumors surfaced on the same day Noah announced his departure from The Daily Show, some fans noted how "stepping out with Dua Lipa and quitting his job on the same day" is "a massive flex" for the comedian.

Dua Lipa is not currently known to be officially dating someone, having broken up with ex-boyfriend Anwar Hadid in 2021. Noah, in turn, has been in a rocky relationship with Minka Kelly, breaking up and reconciling several times since March 2021.

It remains possible that his outing with Dua Lipa was nothing short of a friendly dinner after all.